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Answers to common questions as well as links to associations for additional information you may need.

Frequently-asked questions about our business acquisition interests:
Q: What size businesses do you look to acquire?
A: The gross revenue is less important than the net. We look for businesses that currently have Cash-Flow or EBITDA in excess of $2MM annually.
Q: What kinds of businesses are you looking to acquire?
A: Manufacturing except automotive and fashion. We describe manufacturing as building or assembling (or arranging to have built or assembled) products that are sold nationally or internationally through a distribution network already in-place. By way of example: a machine shop or plastics injection molder that makes components under periodic contract for another company would be a candidate if it also makes its own proprietary products for general distribution.
Q: Does the manufacturer need to have valid patents in place for you to be interested in acquisition?
A: No, but no products can be in violation of another patent holders rights. If the business has current patents or patents pending, then we would want those as a requisite of purchasing the business.
Q: What region(s) of the world does the business need to be located to be a prospective target?
A: Just about anywhere in the world will work; however, we are concentrating our pro-active focus to major SMSAs in the Western U.S.


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